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We have established a global partnership with Made In Prisons IVS to support the CARCEL project, with the sole interest of supporting the achievement of social impact, through capacity building and salaries to the women in prison.


CARCEL is a new Copenhagen-based fashion label, manufactured by women in prison.

Going where the best and most sustainable materials in the world meet the highest rate of poverty-related crime, they transform lost time into fair wages, skills and hopes of a better future. With this production set-up, it’s possible to make a difference while providing customers with high-quality designs that last.

At the moment, production is taking place in Peruvian prisons, making use of available raw materials, namely of baby alpaca wool.

CARCEL designs take their starting point in the Scandinavian tradition, where simple silhouettes meet premium quality materials. Its mission is to create quality design, where attention to detail meets the most luxurious materials in the world.

Most women in developing countries are incarcerated due to poverty-related crimes. They’re predominantly young, poor, single mothers with a low level of education and income. After visiting Peruvian prisons and realizing that they were already sewing and knitting, but had no access to a market, neither were they able to sell their products, CARCEL team turned this wasted time into skills and paid jobs, so imprisoned women can support themselves, send their children to school, save up for a crime-free beginning and ultimately, break the cycle of poverty.

“We believe in the power and future of Slow Fashion and keep our collections simple and strong, introducing new styles one at a time”, said this project mentor, Veronica D’Souza.

Each item is handmade with 100% natural materials. CARCEL invests in good wages and sells exclusively online; this allows them to offer high-end quality with a unique social impact, without the luxury mark-up.

IPS_Innovative Prisons Systems engages in this endeavor in the framework of its socially responsible business practice and has no financial gains nor ownership in the activities carried out by Made In Prison IVS.


You can also visit CARCEL online and register to get news about the project and its products.

Partnership IPS Innovative Prisons Systems and CARCEL

Carcel is a new fashion label manufactured by female prisoners. Their collection is made out of baby alpaca wool.

Main mission
To empower imprisoned women and to enable their social rehabilitation, and better living- conditions.

Copenhagen, Denmark (headquarters), Cuzco, Peru (production)