Community safety

Community safety


The sustainable development of countries is intrinsically linked to the successful implementation of crime prevention strategies, which, in turn, promote community safety.

The concept of community safety refers to the broader range of issues that must be tackled to promote safer cities and communities with outcomes that bring benefits beyond an absence of crime, namely the reduction of the costs with criminal justice systems and also de decrease of social nature costs.

Effective and assertive crime prevention policies and implementations enhance the citizens’ quality of life. Community safety and crime prevention, being intertwined, ideally require multidisciplinary and multi-agency interventions, as well as early childhood intervention, educational and employment support, drug treatment or urban renewal.

The use of a strategic approach that enables policymakers and practitioners to tailor interventions to problems is of utmost importance.

At IPS, we assist the selection and deployment of a wide range of interventions aimed at attaining and/or improving crime prevention and community safety, finding a balance between short-term and longer-term outcomes, as well as protecting human rights.

Our services concern policy, strategy and practical solutions in the fields of:

  • probation;
  • restorative justice;
  • mediation and conciliation;
  • community involvement;
  • community oriented policing;
  • radicalization prevention in cities;
  • gangs.