Dynamic security

Dynamic security


Dynamic security is a concept and a working method by which staff prioritize the creation and maintenance of everyday communication and interaction with prisoners based on professional ethics.

Dynamic security aims at better understanding inmates and at assessing the risks they may pose, as well as ensuring safety, security and good order, contributing to rehabilitation and preparation for release.

This concept should be understood within a broader notion of security which also comprises structural, organizational and static security (walls, barriers, locks, lighting and equipment used to restrain prisoners when necessary).

In this field, our services offer include the implementation of thorough dynamic security mechanisms (which enable warning information before some untoward incident has taken place allowing prison staff to take preventive action to hinder the occurrence of a threatening incident).

Additionally, we create and put training courses for staff into place, encouraging the development of good personal relationships with prisoners, to know and understand them as individuals, to provide compassionate help and to engage in meaningful dialogues with them.