IDECOM Prison systems innovation


Innovation, Development and Communication for a better Education in Prison Systems



IDECOM project concerns the development and testing of new educational methods in the training of prison staff covering transversal skills such as communication, teamwork competences, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship.



  • Identify common prison staff needs in the field of transversal skills, such as communication, teamwork competences, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Develop a new and innovative curricula, training programs and manuals for prison staff relevant in fields like: communication, teamwork competences, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Expected outcomes

  • 1 staff training need analysis study in the competences addressed by the project;
  • 1 transnational (multi-language) online learning platform (Learning Management Systems);
  • 3 training courses and per country, training with 12 staff members /each course (144 persons);
  • 3 manuals (one per course), open source and usable in all partnership countries languages;
  • 3 short-term staff trainings transnational;
  • 3 community of practices;
  • 12 training courses reports and impact reports;
  • 40 inmates enrolled in pilots per country (160 inmates);
  • 1 education and training innovation activities catalogue
  • 1 quality and evaluation report
  • 1 dissemination and exploitation report



Timisoara Penitentiary, Romania



IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal

Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning (CPIP), Romania

West University of Timisoara, Romania

Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Moldova

BSAFE LAB (Beira Interior University), Portugal

General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses, Turkey



Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training


Time frame

01/09/2015 – 01/09/2018 (36 months)

New educational methods for training prison staff transversal skills


Criminal justice reform, Information technology, Training and development

Romania, Moldova, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands


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