IPS and CGL form global partnership

Lisbon and Miami, USA – April 25, 2015 – CGL Management Services (CGL) and Innovative Prison Systems (IPS) today announced a partnership to support and advise the government on justice sector infrastructure, programme, and technology developments globally.

For over 40 years, CGL, a Hunt Company, has specialised in correctional facilities operational planning, design, construction project management, systems master planning, and facility management and maintenance in the international corrections field.

IPS, a consulting team, and technology provider working in corrections since 2002 holds a sound and respected reputation in European and Latin American countries providing policy and strategy advice; systems design and implementation; and developmental services and programs for correctional staff and prison inmates.

Together, IPS and CGL offer an unparalleled range of diversely specialized and complementary services in the justice and correctional fields,” Executive Vice President and Founder of CGL Robert T. Goble said. “IPS has a reputation second to none in European corrections and we hope together to build on the respective mix of skills of existing IPS and CGL staff. Our joint approach is to reach across borders with a shared global vision toward helping government leaders achieve operational effectiveness and financial efficiency in administering justice systems and facilities.

Both CGL and IPS are internationally recognized and highly regarded companies providing services to the government in the justice and corrections fields. At the core of this collaboration is the intent to build a group capable of supporting developments in all facets of the justice sector in Europe, Central America, and Latin America.

We are extremely excited about this partnership with CGL,” IPS Founder Pedro das Neves said. “Our joint efforts will allow for greater client service diversification to meet developing markets globally and allow us to offer a range of client services which is unique in the current corrections market. CGL is a recognized global leader in this industry, a company that we have long admired and respected, and our new agreement will accelerate both companies’ expansion in the social infrastructure sector. This partnership creates a team with unparalleled knowledge and experience in the justice sector.


Services provided by the CGL/IPS team include:

Policy and Strategy

  • Strategic planning and management
  • Policy support
  • PPP project development and support

Infrastructures and Facilities

  • Prison and detention facilities
  • Juvenile facilities
  • Community-based and reentry facilities
  • Special needs facilities
  • Courts
  • Law enforcement
  • Government administrative facilities
  • Institutional facilities Programme Development
  • Staff training and development
  • Inmate training and learning
  • Correctional health care services
  • Community-based residential services
  • Reentry services
  • Residential special needs services
  • Behavioral health treatment
  • Young offender services

R&D and Technology Transfer

Offender management systems

ICT systems development

E-health systems development

Applied research projects


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CGL has more than 40 years of experience delivering integrated solutions for justice and social facilities throughout the world. The CGL group of companies has provided services in 21 countries, all 50 U.S. states, and more than 500 U.S. counties, including a full spectrum of planning, programming, design, finance, asset management, and facility management services. CGL is a partner of and an advocate for its clients, seeking to fulfill every operational and facility need through superior service. Visit to learn more. CGL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunt Companies, Inc., a U.S.A. developer, investor, and manager of real assets. To see this press release at CGL website click here.