MPATH Mentoring for employment


Mentoring Pathways Towards Employment



The MPATH project is focused on creating a mentoring model to help low skilled and long term unemployed workers to enter in the labour market and maintaining theirs job place. Mentoring is a competencies development based process, combining guidance, counseling and coaching processes. It has been proven successful in terms of promoting excluded groups employability and social inclusion.



  • To develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning in context of career guidance in labour market, building on lessons learnt from MOMIE and MEGAN projects;
  • To identify the suitable profile and competencies to support or perform mentoring programs within companies, including delivering it in working contexts;
  • To design a mentoring model to improve competencies, namely with low skilled and long term unemployed workers, to enter in the labour market and maintaining their job place;
  • To pilot a mentoring model to support small and medium companies and non-profit organizations (SME/ONGs) retaining low skilled and long term unemployed adults (young-adults and adults), increasing the learning curve and productivity of those adults with high difficulties to re-enter in the labour market;
  • To perform a randomized control trial to evaluate the mentoring model consistency, both in terms of training courses delivered; train the mentors and train the mentors trainers, mentoring implementation and job place retention.


Expected outcomes

  • 1 practice exchange framework that will integrate information about active employment policies at EU level and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between partners;
  • 1 active employment policies review final report;
  • 3 skills blueprints with the competencies assessment of Mentoring Coordinators, Mentors, Trainers and mentees: definition of competencies, key behavioral indicators, scales and levels of progression (in terms of skills, competences and knowledge);
  • 1 manual/guide that includes low skilled and long term unemployed mentoring model implementation manual model piloting: recruitment, selection, courses duration, testing period and evaluation features to be adapted to the reality of each participating country;
  • 2 training curricula: 1 Mentors Coordinators and other Mentors and Trainers it will be created according to competencies tool (blueprint) and will include overall schedule, session plans, contents and pedagogic games;
  • 4 pilot training courses for Mentoring Coordinators“ one training course per country, with at least 8 trainees per country (32 mentoring coordinators), from the HR department from SME/ONG’S (profit or non-profit). They will be chosen in collaboration with SME/ONG’s associations that will participate in the developed training course;
  • 1 transnational (multi-language) online learning platform set up to support training courses implementation, conjoint transnational training activities and piloting actions;
  • 2 e-learning courses will serve as a complement to the class session program and content – translated to partner languages;
  • 1 LMS User Guide – will include step-by-step how to access and manage the online learning platform and be available for administrators and trainers (mentors coordinators);
  • 1 final guide – available to all stakeholders; include step-by-step mentoring implementation in SME/ONG’s. The guide will integrate the training program, the implementation process (use of LMS, conjoint activities), implementation guidelines, key success factors, and learning evaluation.






ACCF Baia Mare, Romania


ASSOC, Romania

ISCTE University, Portugal

BAGAzs, Hungary


Associated partner

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems



Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education



01/09/2015 to 30/09/2018 (36 months)

Generating a mentoring model to help low skilled long-term unemployed individuals enter the labour market

Training and development

Portugal, Romania, Cyprus, Hungary


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