Partnership with Virtual Rehab

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and Virtual Rehab establish partnership to support inmates’ rehabilitation through the use of virtual reality


The companies will work together in prison systems towards the spreading of rehabilitation solutions powered by cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (IPS) and Virtual Rehab (VR) have established a business partnership leading to the integration of virtual reality-based learning programs that support inmates’ rehabilitation.

The services enabled through this partnership include formal education, vocational job training, and psychological rehabilitation.

Along with the psychosocial rehabilitation of inmates, these virtual reality tools developed by VR are also directed at prisoners who struggle with substance abuse disorders, be it drugs or alcohol.

Being a recognized concept in Psychology, with virtual reality, the therapeutic patient’s training is based entirely on – or is augmented by – virtual reality simulation exercises.

Virtual reality offers a number of advantages when compared to conventional therapeutic methods, as it provides a fully immersive and engaging real-life experience; it provides objective outcome measures of therapy efficacy; data is transparently stored by the computer running the simulation and can be further analyzed.

Based on real-life scenarios, virtual reality enables inmates to enhance both their soft and their hard skills, which, in return, will further allow them to better reintegrate into society and be an effective part of the community.



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Virtual Rehab is a business partner of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems

Virtual Rehab
It’s a high-tech startup company specialized in virtual reality technology.

Main mission
To reduce re-offending and re-incarceration rates globally by accurately rehabilitating prisoners.

Montreal (Canada), San Francisco, and New York (United States of America).