R4JUST Competences for Radicalisation Prevention


Radicalisation Prevention Competences’ Development Programme for Justice Professionals



The R4JUST project aims to prevent and reduce the risk of radicalisation and violent extremism inside prisons by exploring a multi-sectoral approach, intending to enhance the competences of prison staff (RRAP Toolset – Multi-level radicalisation approach towards governors, frontline staff and technical staff), probation staff (e.g., probation officers/supervisors, psychologists), as well as judges and prosecutors while fostering criminal and judicial multi-sectoral cooperation and networking on countering and preventing radicalisation.



  • To implement a multi-sectoral approach to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism inside prisons and to reduce their risk;
  • To enhance the competences of prison staff through the use of the RRAP Toolset (Multi-level radicalisation approach), including prison governors, frontline and technical staff, as well as probation staff (probation officers/supervisors, psychologists, etc), judges and prosecutors;
  • To foster criminal and judicial multi-sectoral cooperation and networking in the field of radicalisation prevention and countering.


Expected outcomes

  • Development of a survey intended at providing a groundwork for a thoughtful state of the art during, as well as a database of EPs/ESs;
  • A multi-sectoral training comprising four courses directed at 1) prison staff, 2) probation staff, 3)judicial professionals, and 4) trainers), as well as piloting activities;
  • Development of a training course for all justice professionals concerning the effectiveness of EPs/ESs will be developed/piloted;
  • Engagement of justice professionals in multiple multi-level and cross-pollination actions;
  • Development of the website, certification courses for justice professionals, and an international conference.



BSAFE Lab – Law Enforcement, Justice and Public Safety Laboratory of Beira Interior University, Portugal



IPS Innovative Prison Systems (Qualify Just – IT Solutions and Consulting), Portugal

Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP), Portugal

College of Public Administration Bremen (Hochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung), Germany

Bremen Senate of Justice and Constitution, Germany

Agenfor International, Italy

Polish Platform for Homeland Security, Belgium

West University of Timisoara, Romania

Penitentiary Bucharest Jilava, Romania

ICPA Stichting Foundation office in Europe, The Netherlands



European Commission: Directorate-General Justice and Consumers (DG Justice Programme)



01/09/2019 – 28/02/2022 (30 months)

Exploring a multi-sectoral approach aimed at enhancing the competences of staff in prison, probation and judicial settings in order to prevent and reduce the risk of radicalisation and violent extremism in prisons.

Criminal Justice Reform, Security, Training & Development

Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands


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