Secured digital education system for vocational skills for youngsters in closed institutions



TRIANGLE aims to develop a digital platform where young people in closed institutions can develop formal and non-formal learning skills in a secure internet setting.

Teachers and students will learn how to use this environment and interact with practical trainers and external vocational training providers. Youngsters will develop a personal portfolio to increase their employment opportunities after leaving the institution, hence helping their social reintegration.

TRIANGLE is based on three core elements: People, Platform, and Programme. The project intends to bring these elements together and learn more about the synergy between these three Ps.



  • Ensure that institutionalised youngsters develop a broad set of skills that will boost their employability and competitiveness;
  • Create and implement an innovative, creative, and blended VET environment in closed institutions, targeting young people of different ages;
  • Strengthen the existing digital learning environments in all partner countries and match those settings with the level of digitalisation of the workplace;
  • Ultimately, the project aims to make the most of human capital across the EU


Expected outcomes

  • Digital (secured) platforms with a safelist system and/or blocklist system for each institution;
  • A complementary learning environment that supports educational programs;
  • Access to more than 50 educational tools, creative programs, 21st-century skill exercises, and skill lessons made by teachers with the support of the pupils;
  • Build the structure for the creation of individualised digital portfolios that capture the competencies, motivation and skills of these pupils;
  • Develop training, learning, and practising activities targeting staff, youth, trainers and teachers.



Click F1, The Netherlands





Erasmus+ (European Commission)

KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training




11/2021 – 11/2024 (36 months)

Developing a secure digital education system that promotes the acquisition and development of vocational skills among institutionalised youngsters.

Criminal Justice Reform, Special Needs, Training & Development

Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium

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