Virtual Reality for Drug Rehab in Probation

VR for Drug Rehabilitation

Developing and Using Virtual Reality Technology for the Rehabilitation of Drug Users in Probation Services



This project aims to develop and test an innovative drug treatment programme using advanced Virtual Reality (VR) technology in a young offender population under probation supervision. It will develop and adapt scenarios for a VR application that induce drug craving in the target group, as an additional tool to cue exposure therapy. Moreover, it will develop an assessment tool for testing the VR effects, and a pilot programme in the probation services of the jurisdictions that take part in the consortium.



The VRforDrugRehabilitation project seeks to develop a rehabilitation model for drug-using probationers (between the ages of 18 and 30) by using virtual reality technology. The specific objectives of this project are as follow:

  • Decrease drug use and its harms among a vulnerable young population group (probationers) by developing and testing an innovative drug treatment programme that includes:
    • Creating and adapting scenarios for the VR application that induce drug craving in the target group, as an additional tool to cue exposure therapy;
    • Developing an assessment tool for testing VR sessions’ effects on users;
    • Piloting the programme with the target group in the partner countries.
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of capacity building programmes within probation services, by:
    • Developing a training programme for probation experts/officers (psychologist, social workers etc.) on how to deliver the VR drug treatment programme, in accordance with the individual needs of the cases previously tested;
    • Piloting the training programme in the partner countries;
    • Extend the results of the project which will be obtained after the pilot programmes in each partner country.
  • Run seminars to explain the project and share the results of VR treatment sessions for probationers.


Expected outcomes

  • Training Course: “Developing Scenarios for Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation of Drug Addiction-1”
  • Training Course: “Developing Scenarios for Virtual Reality -for Rehabilitation of Drug Addiction-2”
  • Training Course: “Developing Assessment Tools for Virtual Reality Scenarios for Drug Addiction”
  • Training Course: “Using Virtual Reality Model to Drug Users”



District Governorship of Torbalı, Turkey



IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal

Izmir Probation Directorate, Turkey

Ege University’s Institute on Drug Abuse, Toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Science, Turkey

Psious VR Therapy, Spain

European Strategies Consulting, Romania



KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Strategic partnerships in the field of youth



02/2019 – 01/2021 (24 months)

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Developing a rehabilitation model based on advanced virtual reality technology for young drug-addicted probationers

Offender Rehabilitation, Information Technology, Healthcare

Turkey, Portugal, Spain and Romania


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