Biometric recognition


Biometrics provides a means to accomplish the confirmation and fixing an individual’s identity under all circumstances in a timely manner.

Biometric technologies allow the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s physical and behavioral characteristics, constituting a high-priority criminal justice and correctional services need.

Biometrics is mainly used for identification and access control, and for identifying individuals that are under surveillance. Its basic premise is that people can immediately be identified by their inborn physical or behavioral characteristics. Besides the security factor, the driving force behind biometric verification has been convenience, as there are no passwords to remember, for instance.

Authentication by biometric verification is nowadays rather common in corporate and public security systems, corrections not being an exception and they enable a safe and secure management of prisoners’ identities and movements.

At IPS, we advise and implement state of the art biometric technological solutions (both hardware and software), specifically directed at correctional services and their demands.