Business restructuring

Business restructuring


Any step towards criminal justice reform requires divisive changes and a strong commitment to assertive reorganisation practices.

Business restructuring might as well be one of the most important watchwords when we look at criminal justice institutions. Criminal justice reform demands a deep commitment to change and the assertive addressing of divisive issues.

A set of comprehensive innovation projects carried-out over several years has enabled us to tackle any corporate reorganisation with an assertive approach.

Not only we assess, plan and implement changes in operations that are outside the ordinary course of business, but we also work the corporate culture, so that it follows up the business strategy. We believe that culture provides the enabling process environment for operability of the organisation strategy, as it drives identity, collective commitment, stability, and it also functions as a sense-making device.

Definitely, the restructuring process will produce positive results in several business areas, especially service enhancement, improved management, leverage gains, and the accomplishment of correctional and probation services mission and goals.

Our most prominent experience, as far as business restructuring and innovation are concerned, sought to achieve the change of the organisational culture towards the Responsive Governance model, to implement quality management and continuous improvement system and establish a framework of collaborative work.