Coding-OUT Prisoners learn code


Coding in prison as a valuable OUTside tool for employment



This project focuses on contributing to breaking the cycle of incarceration by teaching inmates computer programming skills that can significantly increase their chances of employment after they serve their prison sentences.



  • To help reduce recidivism rates by teaching inmates coding skills that can significantly increase their chances of employment post-release;
  • To empower inmates with marketable skills that can lead to employment;
  • To enhance the inmates’ understanding of a hype-connected world and environment;
  • To improve the skills of prison trainers/educators enabling these professionals to train inmates on basic computer programming;
  • To promote cooperation between prisons and external organisations that can eventually provide a job placement for inmates after release, in the software development field;
  • To raise the awareness of prison staff, management, educators/trainers and policy makers to the importance of digital/coding skills enhancement amongst the incarcerated population.


Expected outcomes

  • Development of a training programme focusing on basic computer programming skills (Android and iOS programming, and JavaScript);
  • Increased knowledge of software and coding (inmates and prison staff responsible for the training);
  • Development and piloting of a training programme for staff (blended learning).



GAIA Association of Electronic and Information Technologies Industries of the Basque Country, Spain



IPS Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal
BSAFE LAB – Law Enforcement, Justice and Public Safety Research and Technology Transfer Lab, Beira Interior University, Portugal
CIRE – Centre d’Initiatives per a la Reinserció, Catalonia, Spain
EOLAS S.L., Spain
Penitentiary of Baia Mare, Romania
Asociata Start pentru Performanta, Romania



Erasmus+ Programme
Key Action: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices



01/09/2018 – 31/08/2021 (36 months)

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Developing programming skills among prisoners to improve their chances of professional reintegration upon release

Criminal Justice Reform, Offender Rehabilitation, Information Technology, Training and Development

Spain, Portugal and Romania


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