Electronic monitoring

Electronic monitoring


Protecting the public, assuring compliance with the supervision terms, being able to track minor offenses, contributing to recidivism reduction while reducing the incarceration costs.

Electronic monitoring is useful and timely in a wide variety of settings, such as a pretrial supervision, an alternative measure to imprisonment for some offenders, and a mandated supervision requirement for some offenders released from prison.

In most jurisdictions Electronic monitoring technologies are proved as less expensive alternatives to imprisonment, the latter being about six times higher than the cost of electronic monitoring.

Given the effectiveness and cost savings involved, policymakers may want to consider expanding the use of electronic monitoring devices and technologies.

Based on different world practices IPS can support in the:

  • conceptual design of the EM system;
  • definition of internal processes and procedures;
  • decision-making process regarding the technological solutions that best suit the needs of your system;
  • technical assistance required by the team responsible for the technology or services outsourcing tendering process;
  • monitoring the operation of the EM system;
  • evaluating the financial and social impact of the adopted solution.