Gender issues

Gender issues


LGBT inmates are an especially vulnerable group and their main and most important need is protection from sexual abuse.

Lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons are a high vulnerable group in the criminal justice system and in prisons. Relatively little is known about their special needs, although information on the discrimination and abused suffered by this group is increasing.

The main and most important need of LGBT prisoners is protection from sexual abuse and rape, generally perpetrated by other inmates. LGBT offenders are more likely to suffer from STDs, problems associated with drug abuse and other health conditions, since often they will have been forced into a lifestyle that includes risk behaviours, because of prejudices relating to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The extreme vulnerability of LGBT persons in the criminal justice system calls for the formulation of policies to address the needs of this group and the development and implementation of strategies that ensure that they are not re-victimized in prison or discriminated according to their sexual orientation or gender identity, while facilitating their social reintegration.

Regarding the specificity of the gender issues in the framework of the correctional systems, we offer the following services:

  • policy formulation;
  • application of international human rights instruments;
  • customized strategy development and implementation;
  • mechanisms for the independent monitoring;
  • staff training solutions regarding detection, supervision and procedures on sexual discrimination and abuse matters;
  • special counselling programes for inmates;
  • implementation of complaints and protective segregation procedures;
  • special programmes dedicated to prison rape prevention;
  • special health care solutions.