Masterplanning and design

Master-planning and design


We master-plan and design infrastructures that are comprehensively justice-centred.

We believe that any Justice infrastructure should aim to be part of a comprehensive and integrated justice-centred solution, one that seeks to streamline and accelerate police, prosecution and court activity, as well as it strives to utilize, where appropriate, custodial alternatives.

Moreover, where custodial sanctions are seen as appropriate, they should aim at introducing systems of prisoner assessment and classification to enable the most effective and appropriate use of the existing prison estate.

The process of prison or other types of correctional facility construction should be preceded by:

  • a review of the operation and flows within the justice system;
  • an analysis of possibilities of the use of non-custodial alternatives to custody;
  • an analysis of systems of prisoner assessment, classification and placement;
  • recommendations for systemic improvements, alternative sanctions, means of community-based pre-trial/remand supervision, treatment programmes and other criminal process improvements;
  • an assessment of the physical plant of existing penitentiaries to determine the possibilities of retaining and upgrading existing facilities versus building new ones;
  • an assessment of the scope for on-site improvements.

The purpose of this extensive approach is to consider if adjustments can be made within the justice sector that will:

  • improve the speed of prosecution;
  • make better use of community dispositions;
  • maintain an appropriate balance in offender placements and prisoner classification systems rather than utilising resources solely on expensive prison building;
  • provide a thorough assessment of the state of the prison infrastructure and put in place cost proposals for either its refurbishment or its replacement.

This service is provided through a partnership with CGL, with whom we bring together international experts with wide experience in prison systems master-planning.