Performance management

Performance management


More than 90 indicators to ensure the best strategic performance management and real-time monitoring

Strategic performance management is at the heart of every complex organisational system. Excellent results can only be achieved through the alignment and real-time monitoring of prison administration strategic objectives, prison units operational objectives and prison staff performance across the systems.

Our strategic performance management system includes more than 90 specific indicators, ensuring real time monitoring of the prison system, allowing different views and feedback on the main areas of its intervention (security, social and psychosocial assistance, education and training, health, external perception, personnel management and development, financial, partnerships, etc).

We have wide experience and specific technology-based solutions regarding:

  • Strategic objectives definition and alignment;
  • Key performance indicators and design of monitoring systems;
  • Business intelligence and balanced scorecard implementation;
  • National performance systems monitoring and performance ranking;
  • Staff performance management systems implementation.