Prison and probation

Training and development solutions for prison and probation


The staff’s professional skills of any penal or probation service are key-elements of its quality and success, therefore education and continuous training are of utmost importance.

Managing people in prison and probation settings is a demanding and highly complex task, as it depends on many individuals who compel a continuous balance of apparently conflicting needs.

In this respect, the Council of Europe has issued the following recommendation: “Neither is there a better guarantee against the treatment of a person deprived of his/her liberty than a properly trained prison officer“ (Council of Europe, Recommendation 12/97).

Offenders are often the most troubled and damaged members of society, and, as such, they present significant emotional, physical and psychological challenges to prison management and staff.

The jobs of prison and probation officers are, therefore, highly challenging and inherently stressful, and, in order to be carried out in an effective and professional way, those who do it need a range of differentiated skills.

We have extensive experience in the design and deployment of:

  • learning and knowledge management solutions;
  • secure e-Learning infrastructures for staff and prison/probation management training;
  • specific e-Learning content;
  • communities of practice implementation;
  • digital video-based learning programmes for internal closed TV circuits;
  • customized training courses.


Innovation in prison and probation systems is all about new methodologies

Check out INNOPRIS, a unique game storming tool that we have developed to help prison and probation services’ staff make accurate assessment and planning:

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