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This project aimed to understand the situation in Argentina in matters of penitentiary work in order to foster the creation of a new legislative proposal that would promote both the social and the professional reintegration of inmates. Additionally, it also envisaged to propose a model and legal framework for the productive activities developed outside the penitentiary system in the transition phase for life outside the prison.

In order to meet the objectives, work meetings and visits to different workshops in penitentiary centers were held, with the participation of Mr. Pedro das Neves and members of the National Rehabilitation Directorate, the National Prison Work Program (both under the umbrella of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights), the Under-Secretary for Employment Policy (Ministry of Labor) and the Department of International Law. The main obstacles to the reintegration of persons deprived of liberty in Argentina and the need to have mechanisms that guarantee the transition were discussed.

Moreover, the team appointed by the National Rehabilitation Department worked on a legal framework model regarding the productive activities developed outside the prison system in the transition phase for life outside the prison. Different models of support for the labor insertion of former detainees were presentedlegal frameworks aimed at social reintegration, as well as programmes and models of positive discrimination (examples: Catalonia, Portugal, França).

International best practices and reference cases have been considered for the purpose of creating a collaboration model with external entities. Finally, the team came up with an action plan for deploying a nationwide integrative reinsertion policy, which comprises interinstitutional collaboration at the federal and provincial level (strategy structuring and letter of intent for reinsertion of the workforce).



  • To generate a legal framework in regards to work and industries developed in prison systems;
  • To provide inmates with opportunities to work;
  • To reducing deviant behaviors by decreasing the amount of idle time for inmates;
  • To assist in the operation of prisons by applying inmates work skills in maintenance tasks and other assignments;
  • To reduce recidivism and to increase the changes of social reintegration by providing inmates with the opportunity to develop marketable job skills.



COMJIBConferencia de Ministros de Justicia de los Países Iberoamericanos

Argentina GovernmentMinistry of Justice and Human Rights



EUROsociAL Programme, European Commission


Quadro de horário


Argentina legal framework regarding prison work




Creating a legal framework for prison work and industries within Argentina’s prison system

reforma da justiça penal