ICPA article prison reform through cooperation

Article on innovation and prison reform through transnational cooperation

Pedro das Neves, CEO of IPS_Innovative Prisons Systems and Dorin Muresan, ICPA board memberboth members of the ICPA Staff Training and Development Expert Grouphave seen their joint paper published by the latter organization.

The paper is available on ICPA’s website and has been publicized on ICPA’s monthly e-Bulletin to thousands of the industry’s stakeholders.

ICPA and the Promotion of Learning, Knowledge Sharing and Innovation in Correctional Systems through Transnational Cooperationrevolves around the needs and challenges of correctional systems and the opportunity to develop transnational cooperation projects with the support of external funding sources.

The authors refer two innovative transnational projects (R2PRIS e DIACEN) in which both ICPA International Corrections and Prisons Association and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems are partners (among others) and that are clear examples of the potential for change that can be fostered in education and training within prison systems, globally.

Learn more about the projects DIACEN e R2PRIS that are being developed in order to promote learning, knowledge-sharing, and innovation in correctional systems.