BLEEP Blended learning for prisoners


Blended Learning Environment for European Prisoners



BLEEP is a project about digital inclusion that foresees the creation and implementation of an innovative, creative, Europe-focused, blended learning platform for all prisoners and ex-prisoners. This project will contribute to the prison staff professional development, namely their own lifelong learning plans and digital skills. Moreover, BLEEP project integrates educational and reintegration learning processes which will have a positive impact on the development of skills and on the reintegration chances of prisoners.



  • To design a tailor-made blended learning environment that can be used by all European prisoners
  • To design a universal environment, in which the learning process for each prisoner can be monitored, aiming at more effectiveness
  • To develop mechanisms to monitor the effectiveness of adult learning policies and to track the progress of learners
  • To support the setting up of and access to upskilling pathways in correctional settings/institutions
  • To extend and develop the competences of correctional staff who support offenders learning


resultados esperados

  • Research document
  • Learners journey: inside-out ( learning plans are based on the needs of the offenders)
  • BLEEP platform (the platform will be tested in at least five European countries during the lifetime of the project with the aim to be easily expanded and transferrable to all European countries)
  • Facilitators journey: inside-out (a lifelong learning plan is developed for prison staff)
  • Policy recommendations in each country, including meetings with policy makers in each country of the project partnership but also at the broader European level)



Click F1, The Netherlands



Sistemas prisionais IPS_Innovative (Qualify Just IT solutions and Consulting), Portugal
Chains, The Netherlands
Kocaeli Open Correctional Institution, Peru
STEPS, Itália
Exodus Foundation South Holland (Stichting Exodus Zuid-Holland), The Netherlands
Bucharest-Jilava prison, Roménia
Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services, Portugal
EPEAEuropean Prison Education Association, The Netherlands



KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education



01/10/2019 - 30/09/2022 (36 meses)

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Implementing a b-learning learning platform for prisoners in Europe while developing the digital and lifelong learning skills of prison staff

Reabilitação offender, Tecnologia da Informação, Treinamento e desenvolvimento

Portugal, Roménia, Espanha, Turkey and The Netherlands

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