profissionais da comunidade

profissionais da comunidade


We provide consultation and integrated training solutions to communities by leveraging their professionalsskills and their intervention power.

In this scope, we aim to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organisations to understand, identify and respond to the needs of the community members and their targeted vulnerable audiences.

We work collaboratively with individuals and organisations in order to identify gaps in the community and provide proper responses to these needs, such as: Treinamento, specialist consultation, access to resources, identifying referral pathways , and to support, develop and implement strategies that will improve community safety and the psychosocial reintegration of offenders and audiences at risk.

It’s important to foster stability in the communities by upgrading and developing the competences of their practioners in several fields.

An example of an ongoing transnational project in which we take part is QUADRO DE QUADRILHA; this project is addressing the leveraging of community professionals’ competências, and puts forward a work plan to develop pilot tools, materials and a training methodology that identify competences needed for engaging within local communities affected by gang activity, to harness their local knowledge and meaningfully increase their understanding and capacity to act in gang environments.