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Connexall and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems have partnered to empower customised solutions for Corrections


Connectivity, reporting, and analytics that allow cross-platform communications

Connexall® is an intelligent workflow automation platform that connects security and correctional care devices, information systems, and communication platforms in order to leverage intelligence, process efficiency, and security.


Go on connecting even after Connexall is deployed

Once it is deployed, all types of systems and devices can be added to the platform, placing more and more devices in communication to achieve full integration of what had once been disconnected systems.


Enabling the internet of all things

With more than 20 years experience in the sectors of healthcare and homeland security, Connexall is the industry leader in alarm management and event notification, with implementations in over 1000 facilities. It provides interoperability to people, systems, tasks, and devices, acting as a backbone for any system workflow: it communicates the right information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device.


Connexall IPS

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Connexall is an automation platform that acts as a backbone for any system workflow

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Connexall solutions

Operational Efficiency Cross-Platform Assignment Sharing

  • Single points of sign-on for multiple devices and platforms
  • Electronic transport request/ Automating transportation request/commit/complete process
  • Electronic room/cell turnover request
  • Cell board display with cell and inmate status
  • Real-time information about inmate and cell status

Admit/Transfer/Discharge Notification to Staff

  • Notify staff of pending inmate movements
  • Fire/MedGas/BAS sensor alerts directly to staff’s devices
  • Improved safety through speed of notifications to facility’s management and security and first responders
  • Automated multi-modal mass notification

Computerised Supply, Service Ordering, and Status Display

  • Better staff efficiency through computerising supplies and services request/commit/complete process
  • Automated temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Automated refrigeration monitoring for perishable supplies

Location Awareness

  • Notification to nearest staff by role
  • Faster response
  • Silence alert when staff at cell
  • Inmate arrival or wandering detection
  • Alerts of out the defined “safe zone”
  • BAS changes when an alert is sent
  • Equipment and staff locating

Building Automation System Integration

  • Cost savings by automatically setting back thermostats for rooms not in use
  • Enhanced safety by controlling elevator/doors movements during triggered events

Emergency and Call Alerts

  • Increase response speed
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Better care using contextual data

Inmate Queueing System

  • Check-in and queueing processes automation
  • Improved throughput by eliminating bottlenecks

Connexall for Corrections