inovação de justiça criminal

inovação de justiça criminal


Innovation holds a primary role on human motivation at work, thus, fostering optimal and innovative conditions to motivate people is a core factor in the development of prison systems and probation services.

In an environment increasingly characterized by turbulence and constant change, organisationsnamely those working in correctionsneed to be constantly looking for new solutions to increase effectiveness.

Bringing innovation to traditional, hierarchical, and complex organisations is not an easy achievement. With different corporate cultures, complex organisationsthat often desire to be managed as a systemsonly accomplish to be run as articulated archipelagos of different organisational structures.
Innovation is induced by changes in society perceptions of the mission and role of correctional services; changes in the legal frameworks; the introduction of new technology and processes; or the integration of external services and the cooperation with civil society organizations.

It should involves technological transformation and management restructuring.

At IPS, we conceptualize and deploy criminal justice innovation initiatives, processes, procedures and tools aiming at exploiting new ideas leading to the creation of a new services and processes that add value and/or improve quality.

An example of innovation in corrections using new learning methods