In the correctional context, remote healthcare solutions are of great importance and effectiveness, as detention often entails an added difficulty to recover from an existing illness or dependency.

At any given time, over two million people are imprisoned in penal institutions, in Europe alone, portanto,, telemedicine, remote monitoring and delivery of health care is promising for use within any prison system.

Telemedicine reduces correctional health care costs and decreases security risks. The deployment of telemedicine projects in prisons indicates that, besides costs’ savings, remote medical consultations can provide access to new specialists and improve the quality of care delivered to inmates.

We offer fully-fledged services in e-Health and telemedicine:

  • designing the overall telemedicine architecture;
  • building the “business case” for implementation;
  • supporting the necessary legal adjustments for telemedicine implementation;
  • selecting proven e-Health technology providers;
  • deploying and monitoring of the project.