EIGEP Education in juvenile justice


European Interaction Guidelines for Education Professionals when working with Children in Juvenile Justice Contexts



EIGEP proposal focuses on reducing the disparities in the learning outcomes of the educational experience of a child within the juvenile justice system, compared to the ones delivered in mass education.



  • Improving the learning outcomes of education in juvenile settings through:
    • Developing a European key competency profile for the child and youth learning professionals working in juvenile justice;
  • Developing a modular, tailor-made induction support for teaching and learning professionals working in juvenile justice system, based on the previously developed European key competency profile.
  • Improving the management of teaching and learning professionals through measures to develop the learning dimension of the juvenile justice system in the partner countries and at European level, by:
  • Mainstreaming the induction support and its components in juvenile justice system and alternative systems that support the education of children and youth offenders, at educational department and staff management level;
  • Promoting in the European public agenda the juvenile justice education, its paramount importance and the key measures needed for the learning outcomes to improve.


resultados esperados

  • Education in the Juvenile Justice context research report“Current situation” paper for each of the partner countries and a structured common report relevant at European level highlighting the challenges of delivering education in the juvenile justice context;
  • Structured public hearing on the state of Education in the Juvenile Justice Context;
  • European profile of specific competencies for education professionals when working with children in juvenile justice contexts;
  • Virtual environment for education professionals working in juvenile justice;
  • National and transnational policy maker meetings;
  • Parliamentary Committees Meetings.



LAB BSAFE (Beira Interior University), Portugal



Sistemas prisionais IPS_Innovative, Portugal

Centro para a Promoção da Aprendizagem ao Longo da Vida (CPIP), Roménia

National Prison Administration (NAP), Roménia

Apoio psicológico e aconselhamento do centro de (PPKC), Lituânia

Parceria TITAN, Reino Unido

ABCD Community Services, Reino Unido



Programa Erasmus +, KA3Support for policy reform: Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects



01/09/2015 - 31/12/2018

Means for reducing the disparities in the learning outcomes of juvenile justice settings

Justiça juvenil

Necessidades especiais, Treinamento e desenvolvimento

Portugal, Roménia, Lituânia, Reino Unido

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