FRAME GANG project: staff training event held in Portugal

In the scope of the FRAME GANG project, the O SéculoFundação (in EstorilLisbon’s metropolitan area – Portugal) has hosted a short-term training event from February 19-23th, 2018, mainly involving practitioners.

The main focus of the training was the Quadro europeu de Competências para a Comunidade de Profissionais de ti em Ambientes de Quadrilha, nomeadamente: national qualifications authorities, trabalhadores sociais, professional associations, professionals with a key impact at national level, employment, agencies, security agencies, etc. This European Framework sets out the knowledge, competências, and mindset that the professionals need to perform effectively.

FRAME GANG project training

Over twenty practitioners from Romania (from the partners CPIP e Areópago), Lituânia (“Garstycios Grudas” e PPKC) and Italy (UNISS e ISES) have taken part in the training. Naturally, there were also participants from the project’s promoter (O Século), and from IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal).

In addition, the training was also attended by Mr. António Guterres, a representative from the Aga Khan Foundation in Portugal, which works actively with gangs and troubled youth.

Finally, the group of participants in this training activity also visited one of the neighborhoods in the city of Cascais that used to be plagued by violent groups and young offenders; it is a neighborhood where programs in the specific area of intervention that this project aims at are currently being implemented.

FRAME GANG project training

QUADRO DE QUADRILHA is a transnational project focusing on a European framework of competences for community professionals who work with gangs or in gang settings.

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