IPS and partner CGL visit Belgium new prisons together

Joint visit IPS-CGL to new prisons in Belgium

Representatives from IPS and CGL had the chance to understand the “2012-2016 Belgian masterplan on a more humane prison infrastructurein practice when visited the new Beveren and Leuze prisons and Gent Psychiatric Forensic Centre that took place on the past 11th, 12th and 13th of June.

o 2012-2016 Belgian masterplan on a more humane prison infrastructure offers a solution to the problem of overcrowding in Belgian prisons. The new social investments have been Designed – Built – Financed – and now Maintained in a joint partnership between public and private partners under a PPP contracting scheme.

The plan includes five key action points:

renovation to recover lost capacity

renovation ensuring more humane and safe living conditions

construction of additional cells on existing sites to remedy overcrowding

construction of new facilities to address the increased need. Also useful as a capacitybufferin order to renovate old facilities under secure conditions

construction of six new prisons to replace dilapidated facilities too.