JIVE Justice involving volunteers


Justice Involving Volunteers in Europe



JIVE aims to deliver a best practices guide, building upon the recommendations of the Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe.



This two-year project aims to establish a transnational network of non-governmental organizations partners with intervention in the justice sector with the following specific objectives:

  • To share experiences, knowledge and ideas;
  • To share and transfer best practices, focusing on two main areas of work:
    • the role and value of volunteers working with (ex) offenders, their families and victims of crime;
    • working effectively in partnership with statutory and private organisations.


resultados esperados

  • A report on the current contribution and value of volunteers in the criminal justice systems in Europe for dissemination to relevant statutory and non-statutory organizations and European bodies, based on creation and design of an electronic survey;
  • A best practice guide on volunteer recruitment, training and support, and volunteer training programme;
  • An evaluation of current practices in cross sector partnerships to inform a report with recommendations for effective co-operation;
  • Cross sector seminars to explore ideas and promote the use of volunteers in the criminal justice system and regular newsletters highlighting European practice and project developments;
  • A final conference to promote and demonstrate the value of volunteers within the criminal justice system and celebrate the successes of the project.






clinks, England & Wales

BRIK InstituteUniversity of Bremen, Alemanha

Fundação 180, The Netherlands

Penal Justice Reform Foundation (RJP), Roménia

GRADO, Roménia

BAGAzs, Hungria

Cooperativa Sociale Cellarius, Itália


Associated partner

Sistemas prisionais IPS_Innovative



Criminal Justice Programme, Action Grant, Best Practices Implementation (2013)


Quadro de horário

01/04/2014 para 31/03/2016 (24 meses)

Building a best practices guide upon the recommendations of the policy agenda for volunteering in Europe


reabilitação offender, Treinamento e desenvolvimento

Portugal, Roménia, German, Hungria, Itália

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