LEADCOR Leadership development for occupational stress reduction in correctional settings


Leadership development for occupational stress reduction in correctional settings



LEADCOR project aims the reduction of occupational stress through leadership development in the prison context. LEADCOR project will enhance the leadership competences of staff aiming to promote a safe and prejudice-free learning environment for these diverse and vulnerable group of learners. Furthermore, it seeks to contribute to the mitigation of the tensions between prison key stakeholders (i.e.: Gestão, prison staff, inmates and inmates’ families), enabling considerable savings in personnel budgets by reducing early retirements and absenteeism, while improving the quality of work with inmates and, ultimately, enhancing opportunities for rehabilitation.



  • To increase awareness on the importance of leadership and the negative impacts of occupational stress in the daily life of prisons;
  • To develop transversal skills for prison staff, such as leadership and management competences that can positively impact the reduction of stress;
  • To mitigate tensions among management and staff, between staff, among staff and their families, and between staff and inmates (through stress reduction);
  • To enhance positively health of prison staff members.


resultados esperados

  • Creation of a network for training and knowledge sharing (Balkan, Southern and Eastern European learning hub);
  • Increased awareness about the phenomenon of radicalisation and extremism that lead to terrorism in detention environments;
  • Improved understanding about detectingred flagsof violent radicalisation and about the prevention and detection mechanisms currently in place in some European countries;
  • Enhanced capacity to deal with inmates at risk of radicalisation or radicalised by receiving training and gaining new knowledge and tools useful for everyday challenges;
  • Common understanding by practitioners and decision-makers of the necessary strategies to be implemented when dealing with the transfer of radicalised individuals in detention or under community supervision (contributing to the application of the European Council Framework Decisions).



Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal



Sistemas prisionais IPS_Innovative, Portugal

Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services, Portugal

National Prison Guard Corps Union, Portugal

Bremen Senate of Justice and Constitution, Alemanha

Justice Federal Public Service, Bélgica

National Prison Officers Union, Roménia

Baia Mare Penitentiary, Roménia




KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Strategic partnerships for adult education



01/11/2019 para 31/08/2022 (34 meses)

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Reducing occupational stress levels, inside prisons, by enhancing transversal skills of the frontline and technical staff while improving the quality of work with inmates

Reforma da Justiça Criminal, reabilitação offender, Treinamento e desenvolvimento

Portugal, Alemanha, Roménia, Bélgica

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