aprendizagem offender

aprendizagem offender


Educating offenders is a two-pronged strategy as it enables individuals and helps preserve public safety.

It is known that that offenders involved in education and training activities while in prison, be it vocational training or high school/college classes, are less likely to go back to prison and are more likely to find employment.

Inmate education and training, will not only help offenders themselves, but helps preserving public’s safety, as well. Employability stands for a direct result and recidivism/crime reduction as an indirect result of inmate education, as proven by the findings.

We design and implement innovative training and learning solutions:

  • Specific solutions targeting teachers and trainers operating in the criminal justice system;
  • Tailored programmes according to inmates specific learning and training needs;
  • Secure e-Learning infrastructures for inmate training;
  • Specific e-Learning content for inmates education;
  • Digital video-based learning system operated through the internal TV circuit;
  • Tailor-made training courses;
  • Game-based learning programmes.