reabilitação offender

Reabilitação offender


We provide thorough solutions concerning the complex objective of offender rehabilitation, by making use of a mix of proven strategies and means.

Part of the process of making societies safer, the rehabilitation of offenders should ultimately be the main goal of any penal institution. However it isn’t something that should be undertaken in a linear nor unilateral way.

It is known that success in reducing criminal behaviour is possible upon treatment and concerted psychosocial and multidisciplinary intervention.

The intellectual understanding of criminal behaviour has progressed significantly from a couple of decades ago, nonetheless it is often difficult to implement the research findings; social science progress can be put into daily practice and in a cost-effective manner.

Hence, offender rehabilitation makes up a really complex subject as it covers educational and training activities, interdisciplinary programmes, and the work aspect, as well as mentoring and volunteer management initiatives.

Additionally, we must take into account that appropriate rehabilitation focuses on attention to risk, needs, responsivity and cognition-behavior. All combined, the covered areas enable an outstanding reduction in recidivism rates.