Many law enforcement units are facing challenging settings when it comes to moving towards the achievement of a modern strategic vision in the form of developing a most trained, capable and modern police sector.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to create an organizational development and change intervention that targets all levels (Strategic, Governance, Operational and Enablers) thoroughly with sufficient level of linkage and correlation. Plus, education and training activities are of utmost importance within this sector.

Our projects concerning the police sector are related to the provision of support for modernization requirements, whilst delivering additional capacity building:

  • The development of a shared vision regarding the future of the organization among all the professionals;
  • The development of leadership skills and abilities at different levels of the organization;
  • The immersion in different learning experiences (visits, workshops, Treinamento, process improvement activities) that will support the adoption of international standards and proven innovative good practices;
  • The operational improvement of existing processes transversal to different organizational units;
  • The reinforcement of cooperation within the departments and with other organizations;
  • The promotion of a corporate culture that fosters and translates future values.