PRE-RIGHTS Judicial and police cooperation


Assessing the impact and performance of preventive measures on EU Directives and Framework Decisions



The PRE-RIGHTS project will promote a balanced approach to judicial and police cooperation, in line with the provisions of the EU’s Security Agenda on prevention, as well as a coherence between the new hybrid investigations in theintelligence-led police approachand the EIO/EAW, avoiding excessive de-juridicalisation, as well as the compatibility of preventive security measures in prisons with thespiritand provisions of Framework Decisions 2008/909/947/829/JHA, in order to avoid de-socialisation. The project involves addressing the problems and needs with a judicial perspective that is in line with the international standards, concerning the fundamental rights protection, and taking into due consideration the Brexit transition.



  • To promote a balanced approach to judicial and police cooperation in line with the provisions of the EU Security Agenda on prevention;
  • To achieve coherence between new hybrid investigations in ‘intelligence-led police approach’ and EIO/EAW to prevent excessive de-juridicalisation;
  • To foster compatibility of preventive security measures in prison with the ‘spirit’ and provisions of Framework Decisions 2008/909/ 947/829/JHA to prevent de-socialisation;
  • To implement the EU Security Agenda from a judicial perspective;
  • To impact the prevention policies and practices on MLAs and the Brexit transition.


resultados esperados

  • A stable network of Ministries of Justice on prevention policies;
  • An increased capacity of national judicial authorities, security and justice agencies to address issues of judicial cooperation in crime prevention;
  • An aligned EU acquis and relevant case-law of the CJEU/ECtHR in the field of prevention;
  • Further specialised knowledge and experience in crime prevention by prosecutors and judges;
  • A more coherent application of MLAs and data exchange with third countries in the specific area of judicial prevention;
  • Creation of practical sources and materials, namely an open source platform, a multilingual web portal, online training courses, Judicial Living Labs, surveys, technical sheets, and manuals.



Ministry of Justice (Ministero della Giustizia), Itália



Sistemas prisionais IPS_Innovative, (Qualify Just IT Solutions and Consulting), Portugal

Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgária

Agenfor International, Itália

University of Malta

Bremen Senate of Justice and Constitution, Alemanha

National Intelligence Academy Mihai Viteazul (ANIMVAcademia Nationala De Informatii), Roménia

KEMEA Center for Security Studies (Kentro Meleton Asfaleias), Grécia



European Commission: Directorate-General Justice and Consumers (DG Justice Programme)



01/08/2019 - 31/03/2022

Towards a balanced approach to judicial and police cooperation in line with the provisions of the EU Security Agenda on prevention

Segurança, Segurança da Comunidade, Treinamento e desenvolvimento

Itália, Portugal, Bulgária, Alemanha, Grécia, Malta, and Romania

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