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Roménia 2008 – 2011

Credem in Schimbare projectWe believe in change


Parceiros: Romanian Prison Administration, Portuguese Prison System, I.Zone Knowledge Systems, SA (formerly GLOBAL CHANGE Consultores, SA, currently IPS/Qualify Just), BDO Consulting


Budget: 5.000.000,00 Funding source: European Social Fund


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Short documentary:


Portugal 2005 – 2010

Managing to innovate the Portuguese prison system




Parceiros: Portuguese Prison Administration, GLOBAL CHANGE Consultores, SA (currently IPS), BDO Consulting, ISCTEUniversity Institute of Lisbon, General Directorate for Public Administration, Prison Officers Union


Budget: 1.800.000,00 Funding source: European Social Fund


Short documentary: Sub-projectOne day in prison” – Youth awareness to practice a civic spirit responsibility and prevent crime by ensuring the involvement of individuals from the prison.