Radicalisation prevention

Radicalisation prevention in cities


Working together with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to better understand, prevent and address violent radicalisation.

Preventing violent radicalisation in cities entails the cooperation of entities and organizations in the field of urban security and expertise of national structures to fight terrorism (partners from different countries involving government and law enforcement agencies, municipalities, research institutions and private organizations).

At IPS, we can support radicalisation prevention efforts through designing and implementing:

  • prevention and education tools that will build on the implementation of concrete actions to structure against speech and human alliances against violent radicalisation;
  • evaluation of reporting procedures, identification, and treatment of people who have become radicalised, by the comparative analysis of the procedures implemented in the enforcement agencies;
  • technological tools to promote the protection of youth and attempts of indoctrination, encouraging characterization of sources and resources of hate speech and radicalisation;
  • evaluation and innovation in urban policy radicalisation prevention by proposing new experiments, dissemination of good practices and promoting the mapping of skills of local players’ prevention and treatment of radicalisation.