RE[ENTER] project short-term staff training held in Tampere

Twenty seven professionals from Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania, and Cyprus met in Tampere, Finland, over five days, between 18th and 22nd of November 2019, for the second short-term staff training event under RE[ENTER] project.

The training sessions aimed to provide opportunities for partners to discuss and exchange knowledge, best practices and methodologies regarding the incarceration and rehabilitation process of prisoners. Moreover, this event intended to give insights regarding the criminal phenomenon, the consequences of incarceration, and the professional orientations in prisons. Field visits to the NGO Silta-Valmennus took place, and the participants were able to see in loco the developed work, and how this organisation provides rehabilitation and social inclusion services to their clients (particularly ex-inmates with drug addiction problems), expanding their knowledge about the criminal sanction agency and rehabilitation projects within Finland

In the scope of RE[ENTER], this project expects to improve the offenders’ reintegration by sharing knowledge and experiences to implement good practices.

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