Research and pilots

Research and pilots


We use research as a valuable asset upon which our knowledge transfer activities are planned and then implemented.

Intervention in the criminal justice field differs from that of other realms. The framework for intervening within the criminal justice systems is wide, ranging from corrections’ staff capacitation to inmates’ rehabilitation through mentoring, for example. If researchers understand the decision-making and policy-development processes, they are able to provide research that will meet policy and downstream intervention needs and generate change in this field.

Hence, at IPS we undertake applied research projects involving research institutions and prison administrations from the very beginning of the process.

IPS is also a founding member of the BSAFE LAB law enforcement, justice and public safety research and technology transfer laboratory established by UBI Beira Interior University.

BSAFE LAB is an open interdisciplinary research and technology transfer laboratory aiming to foster and develop new research and technology transfer in the fields of law enforcement, justice and public safety in scientific areas ranging from arts & humanities, including law, history and philosophy, biological & medical sciences, physical sciences & engineering, social & behavioural sciences & education.