Staff activity management

Staff activity management


Traditional activity logbooks or even manually-fed electronic programs/forms no longer keep up with the challenging management needs of correctional institutions.

Activities that are registered on paper logs result in inefficient records’ management, communication breakdown, and uncertainty about whether, for instance, inmates have actually been involved in certain work, physical or educational activities.

Besides the traditional logbooks, many institutions still rely on manual electronic systems that lack the proof of officer presence.

Some facilities use access control and conventional guard tour systems, but these tools are limited in their ability to automate more than a single task, and their data collection and reporting capabilities are narrowly focused.

We provide the automatized cutting-edge management solution that meets the needs of any corrections’ leader: iAMS – inmate Activity Management System.

This solution supports the elimination of staff miscommunication and process inefficiencies by simply reading a code bar, data matrix or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag.

It allows prison management to automate and streamline workflows and tasks, while integrating with facility’s existing prison or offender management system.

Such software is a tool for collecting, storing, tracking, and measuring data. From inmate headcount and tracking to medication administration and preventative maintenance tasks, prison equipment and vehicle management, supplies accounting, the system allows officers to eliminate paper tracking altogether.