Work and Industries

Prison work and industries


We define and implement policies and practices that enable work skills and habits, essential for inmates social reintegration.

The population serving prison sentences is considerable and offenders are clearly separated from the rest of society and subject to a high rate of failure in their future reintegration.

As we know, social reintegration is directly linked to re-entry into the labor market. Hence, the importance of the task assigned to prison work and prison industries and the involvement of detention centers in work activities, which fulfill a key role in providing and maintaining inmates skills and essential work habits.

Due to overall budget constraints, some prisons have been focusing on prison industries as a rehabilitation solution but also as a means of reducing the amount of money spent on the criminal justice, ensuring more payback to victims and communities and the prison system itself.

Our services in this field include:

  • Definition and implementation of prison work/industry policies
  • Integrated solution for involving employers with the prison industry framework
  • Prison industries management support


The White Paper on Prison Work in Europe* has had our collaboration.

* Roca, O. P., & Aliaga, J. M. (2007). White Paper on Prison Work in Europe: Organization and Management of Prison Workshops. Barcelona: CIRE.