Ecological Economics in Prison Work Administration project approved for EU funding Silvia Bernardo March 14, 2014

The project “ECOPRIS – Ecological Economics in Prison Work Administration” promoted by the BSAFE LAB of the University of Beira Interior has been approved for funding by the ERASMUS + Portuguese National Agency.

ECOPRIS has been ranked as #1 in the ERASMUS + national ranking. With an overall budget of approximately 342.000,00 euro, the ECOPRIS Project aims to:

 1. Create 1 joint curricula (work-based VET training courses) to promote inmates reintegration – through prison work initiatives – by developing staff management skills, namely: prison work and industries awareness, marketing, management, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, ICT , ecological economics and teamwork among prison staff;

2. Train 36 prison staff, in 3 countries, in multidisciplinary teams of 6 members (2 per country), in 3 short-term transnational training events, to develop and implement innovative „prison work” actions (engaging at least 20 inmates per country);

 3. Improve community and businesses participation in staff training and inmates labour reintegration actions through the engagement of key stakeholders and experts in national seminars, validation workshops, transnational events and trainings’ pilot actions.

Project partners include:

For further information about the ECOPRIS project or IPS activity in prison work/prison industries area, please do not hesitate to contact us by