When criminal justice settings are at stake, security is an indispensable element.

Addressing security threats is one of the most important capabilities within any justice system, as holding offenders securely is the core job of such bodies – it protects the public from the risk offenders represent to the society and the communities.

Beyond the focus on inmates’ rehabilitation, there are several threats that can eventually pose risks to security, which can result in increased violence or self-harm. Concerning security, the major threats include drugs, phones, drones and wider criminal activity in prisons (gangs, organized crime, and staff corruption).

The security solutions we offer intend to address both existing and emerging threats through taking action towards the strengthening of the ability to respond robustly to criminal behaviour from inside penal institutions.

Security-related strategic services and products can only take hold in a safe and disciplined environment, therefore, in some cases, it could be necessary to firstly solve pressure from security threats and rising levels of violence.