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Justice Trends Magazine

JUSTICE TRENDS is a premium printed and online magazine that features exclusive content such as interviews with Ministers of Justice, Directors-General of prison and probation administrations, and articles on pressing current criminal justice topics globally.

Founded in 2017 by the IPS CEO Pedro das Neves, the JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine is distributed to Ministers of Justice, Directors-General and interested practitioners across +120 countries.

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Justice Trends covers contemporary best practices in corrections and the latest developments in executing justice worldwide — in English and Spanish (the online version is also available in Portuguese).

The bi-annual Magazine is made available globally to policy makers, general directors of prison and probation administrations, law enforcement and justice professionals.

It offers exclusive interviews with prominent personalities of the worldwide justice spectrum, and it also features opinion and technical articles, an experts’ panel, and case studies.

The Magazine’s 12th edition spotlights the challenges and opportunities in the modernisation of prison and probation.

The 12h edition is published

This issue focuses on the efforts modernising prisons and probation systems worldwide. Through interviews with correctional leaders, real-world case studies, and expert analysis, the magazine explores the challenges and benefits of implementing advancements in areas like technology, staff training and development, infrastructure and architecture modernisation, and evidence-based programming.

JUSTICE TRENDS 12th edition also delves into the “how” to implement successful change, highlighting the role of collaboration, policy reform, digital tools, and community engagement. Explore this issue to find insights into how these efforts are paving the path for a more effective and humane justice system.

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For the Advancement of Corrections and Probation systems

“João Baltasar” Best Research Award

JUSTICE TRENDS and IPS Innovative Prison Systems are willing to recognise the merit of M.A., M.Phil., MBA and PhD graduates or academic researchers through the attribution of an award.

The award is given to the best thesis or research paper participating in the contest.

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