Newsroom pmartinho May 9, 2022


Radicalisation Prevention

Multi-level training to promote risk screening and assessment

Over 50 criminal justice experts and practitioners from Europe and North America participated in an International Conference in Lisbon. The event discussed the progress and results of an initiative focusing on training justice professionals to achieve a comprehensive P/CVE strategy.

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Community Mentoring

Sexual violence prevention starts with education

One innovative initiative is building a platform to increase the available knowledge and training materials on emotional and sexual violence for professionals working with young people, especially professors. This is expected to support gender-based violence awareness and prevention among youth.

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Criminal Justice Reform

Refocusing the European approach to prison and probation

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems participated in the 27th Council of Europe Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services (CDPPS). The event gathered over 100 decision-makers and experts to discuss challenges and opportunities in the correctional field.

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