IPS_Innovative Prison Systems receives R&D expertise and competence recognition from the National Innovation Agency (ANI) José Santos November 29, 2023

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems receives R&D expertise and competence recognition from the National Innovation Agency (ANI)

Innovative Prison Systems achieves a significant milestone by being recognised for its proficiency in Research and Development (R&D) activities by the National Innovation Agency (ANI) in Portugal.

This seal certifies IPS’s competence in conducting research and development activities with a focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Public Administration. The certification, bestowed by ANI, solidifies the company’s position as a leader at the forefront of innovation in ICT applied to the prison and social reintegration sectors.

Beyond a validation of IPS’s competence and expertise, this recognition is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence, enabling it to reach new heights in its mission to make a significant and lasting impact in the field of criminal justice.

Pedro das Neves, CEO of Innovative Prison Systems, expressed his satisfaction with this achievement, stating, “This is the acknowledgment of the work we have been carrying out over the past 20 years, both independently and in collaboration with our partners on R&D projects. This seal reinforces our commitment to innovation and reflects the trust placed in us by our partners and clients.”

Over two decades, IPS has contributed its expertise to the successful development of more than 50 innovative transnational projects involving around 300 partners in dozens of countries. The company’s efforts to support reform and positive change span various aspects of the broad spectrum of criminal justice, with researchers and consultants specialising in fields such as Organisation and Digital Transformation; Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Community; Prevention of Radicalisation, Violent Extremism, and Organised Crime; International Judicial Cooperation and Human Rights; and Training and Development of Prison and Reintegration Professionals.

In the pursuit of improving justice services, particularly in prison and social reintegration systems, IPS consistently promotes or supports initiatives centred around technological innovation. Noteworthy solutions include interactive e-learning resources for training professionals across the justice system and the development of Virtual Reality-enhanced solutions for both professional training and more effective and appealing rehabilitation approaches for individuals in custodial settings.

As the latest groundbreaking innovation, IPS is proud to present the HORUS 360º iOMS (Intelligent Offender Management System), a smart system designed to meet the current and future needs of penitentiary systems. This is currently the only European OMS solution incorporating AI, and it aims to support the comprehensive management of the entire journey of detained and convicted individuals, from the sentencing to the return to society.

Among its features, the system’s aggregation and processing of information support decision-making regarding risk and needs assessment, as well as the identification of the most suitable treatment/rehabilitation programmes for each individual within the prison system. The development of this Management System was co-financed by the National Innovation Agency through the Centro 2020/Portugal 2020 programme within the scope of the European Regional Development Fund.

Pedro das Neves regards this ANI seal with great responsibility and commitment to the development of evidence-based technology solutions that support administrative modernisation and digital transformation in penitentiary administrations.