Showcase of HORUS 360º iOMS at the ICPA Annual Conference 2023 Silvia Bernardo October 27, 2023

Showcase of HORUS 360º iOMS at the ICPA Annual Conference 2023

From October 22-27, 2023, the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) held its Annual Conference in Antwerp, focusing on "Humane Corrections: What More Can We Do." Sponsored by IPS Innovative Prison Systems, the event gathered global prison and probation leaders. IPS showcased its HORUS 360º intelligent Offender Management System, emphasizing a person-centric approach and comprehensive data integration.

From October 22-27, 2023, the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) hosted its Annual Conference titled “Humane Corrections: What More Can We Do.” 

This significant event, sponsored by IPS Innovative Prison Systems, took place in Antwerp and was hosted by the Belgian Prison Service. The conference brought together high-level decision-makers and managers, including hundreds of directors general and management staff of prison and probation administrations worldwide.

As a key sponsor, IPS Innovative Prison Systems featured its cutting-edge intelligent offender management system, HORUS 360º iOMS. Our exhibition booth attracted hundreds of delegates, where we conducted several demonstrations of our software.

HORUS 360º iOMS aligns perfectly with the conference’s focus on humane corrections and current correctional concerns. Designed to address both today’s and future correctional needs, our system takes a person-centric approach to offender management. 

Developed in Portugal with input from numerous prison administrations and correctional stakeholders globally, HORUS 360º covers the entire life cycle of an offender’s sentence. It aggregates data from the initial intake process through detention, imprisonment, and surveillance, up to parole or completion of the sentence.

Our innovative platform enhances collaboration by aggregating and correlating data from multiple criminal justice system agencies. This capability provides correctional administrations and decision-makers with comprehensive offender and operational data. 

By keeping critical information front and centre, HORUS 360º enables clearer insights and informed decision-making throughout an offender’s sentence.

The latest edition of JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine, which includes a two-page feature on HORUS 360º iOMS and various articles on technological advancements in the prison and probation arena, was distributed to the delegates, in their conference bags.
Innovative Technologies and Global Collaborations in Corrections Spotlighted at the ICPA 2023 Conference 

The conference highlighted various technology-related presentations, showcasing global advancements in correctional facilities. Notable presentations included:

– “Triangle: An International Collaboration (Erasmus+) and Education Project in Prisons” by Kristoff Hemelinckx and Aurelia Bijnens, in which IPS is a project partner;

– “Promoting Humane Corrections: A Call for Compassion in Our Sector” by Donna Creaven and Simon Bonk, with a version featured in Justice Trends Magazine no. 11;

– “Smart Prison” in Hong Kong by Ho-kei Toby Leung;

– “Enhancing Human-centered Penitentiary System in Georgia” by Nika Tskhvarashvili;

– “Preserving Identity: The Role of Technology in Upholding Religious and Cultural Freedoms for Indigenous Peoples in Prison” by Patricia O’Hagan;

– “Providing Cell Phones and Peer Support to Engage People After Release into Hepatitis C Care”;

– “Digital Transformation in Belgian Prisons: Improving the Daily Life of Inmates and Staff” by Kristoff Hemelinckx and Kris Lambert;

– “Computer-Aided Detection (CAD): Using Artificial Intelligence to Provide Humane Treatment in Haitian Prisons” by Karine Duverger and Ivan Calder;

– “Developing an Evidence-Based Application to Improve Wellbeing and Reduce Incidents of Suicide and Self-Harm in Prisons” by Steven Doggett and Michael Campbell;

– “Transforming Incarceration: The Impact of Technology on Daily Life Behind Bars” by Jerry D. Brinegar, Christopher Ditto, and Shane Epperly.

Visit the ICPA Resource Centre to access these presentations.