QUADRANTIS Innovation Fund II joins IPS Innovative Prison Systems as Strategic Shareholder José Santos May 31, 2024

QUADRANTIS Innovation Fund II joins IPS Innovative Prison Systems as Strategic Shareholder

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, a leading provider in research, professional services and advanced technology solutions in the correctional and criminal justice sectors, is pleased to announce the entry of the QUADRANTIS Innovation Fund II, managed by QUADRANTIS Capital, as a strategic shareholder. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to pioneering innovations that enhance the effectiveness and humanity of correctional systems worldwide.

The QUADRANTIS Innovation Fund II is renowned for its strategic investments in research and development across various sectors, with a keen focus on driving technological advancements and transformative solutions. By joining forces with IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, the Fund supports our mission to deliver cutting-edge technologies and services that ensure safer, more efficient, and humane correctional and judicial processes.

“We are thrilled to welcome the QUADRANTIS Innovation Fund II as a key investor in our journey,” said Pedro das Neves, CEO of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems. “This collaboration not only provides financial backing but also enriches our capabilities to foster innovation in a field that is crucial for citizens security, social stability and justice. With QUADRANTIS’s support, we are poised to expand our impact and continue leading the charge in reforming correctional management through innovation.”

The investment by the QUADRANTIS Innovation Fund II will enable IPS_Innovative Prison Systems to accelerate its research and development efforts, expand its global reach, and introduce new products and services that are crucial for the modernisation of correctional systems. It also reinforces the importance of innovative approaches in addressing the complex challenges faced by the criminal justice sector today.

“Our investment in IPS Innovative Prison Systems reflects our belief in their vision and the critical role that innovation plays in evolving the criminal justice landscape,” stated João Rafael Koehler, the Chairman of QUADRANTIS Capital. “We are excited to support IPS in their endeavors to enhance justice outcomes and operational efficiencies through innovative technologies and solutions.”

This strategic partnership is poised to set new standards in the industry, demonstrating the pivotal role of innovation in shaping future correctional and criminal justice systems that are more just, effective, and responsive to the needs of societies around the globe.

IPS Innovative Prison Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 (Management System) and NP 4457 (Research, Development, and Innovation) certified company. The company also holds the suitability certificate from ANI (National Innovation Agency) for Research and Development of IT products for the Public Sector.