IPS joins global innovators at the Corrections Technology Conference in Adelaide José Santos May 26, 2023

IPS joins global innovators at the Corrections Technology Conference in Adelaide

The Corrections Technology Conference, held in Adelaide, Australia, from May 23-25, 2023, brought together a global assembly of technology experts, academics, correctional agencies, and international stakeholders. Organised by the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) and hosted by the Department for Correctional Services South Australia, the event focused on leveraging digital solutions to address the pressing challenges facing prisons and probation services today.

As correctional agencies worldwide grapple with the need to enhance efficiency and improve outcomes, the importance of adopting comprehensive digital strategies has become increasingly clear. The conference emphasised the need for robust change management capabilities to navigate digital transformation effectively. Key discussions centred around how technology can support the goals of prison and probation systems while preserving the crucial human element.

The event featured a variety of sessions where participants shared insights on new developments and showcased projects that utilise innovative digital solutions. These discussions highlighted how technology can address current issues in corrections, from improving operational efficiency to preparing agencies for future challenges. The collaborative environment fostered an exchange of ideas aimed at shaping the future of correctional services.

The Corrections Technology Conference marked a significant milestone for correctional agencies as they explore the integration of digital solutions into their systems. The knowledge and collaborative efforts generated during the event are expected to contribute significantly to the advancement of more efficient and effective correctional services worldwide.

Insights on recidivism prediction  – Advances for offender management and AI

A highlight of the conference was Dr. Nuno Pombo’s presentation on the potential of using existing prison databases to analyse offender profiles and identify potential recidivists. Dr. Pombo provided evidence-based insights demonstrating how improving the capacity to predict recidivism probabilities could greatly enhance the efficiency of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes within justice settings. Dr. Pombo’s discussion also touched on the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are paving the way for these predictive capabilities to become a reality.

This discussion underlines the relevance of the HORUS 360º iOMS solution – promoted at the event by IPS – an Offender Management System designed to leverage AI-enhanced analysis of recidivism predicting factors and patterns, utilising data spanning from detention to release.

IPS’ involvement in this event heightened the company’s efforts to drive technological advancements in corrections. By participating in these critical discussions, IPS is playing an active role in the development of strategies to integrate digital transformation into correctional operations effectively. This has been part of the company’s growing focus on being trusted partners in the field of organisational change management and digital transformation, one of the key steps being the development and promotion of the HORUS 360º iOMS solution.

For more information about the outcomes of the conference and details on all presentations, visit the official website of the International Corrections and Prisons Association.