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Consulting & Advisory

Approaching criminal justice reform in a multidisciplinary way

We offer a range of comprehensive services integrated into turn-key projects. Criminal justice system reform involves a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach, which we accomplish with a highly experienced and trained network of international experts.

Altogether, our collaborative approach promotes intense transnational R&D cooperation, training, and the development and exchange of innovative practices between LEAs, public administrations, and private firms in the criminal justice sector.

Zooming in on key numbers

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Embracing criminal justice challenges nationally and across borders

We contribute to the modernisation and digitisation of the Correctional sector: First, by promoting the adoption of best practices and evidence-based approaches; Secondly, by supporting the implementation of modern organisational structures and systems and the qualification of staff .

We aim to better coordinate between Member States, EU institutions and agencies to foster international judicial cooperation. In this regard, we work to contribute to a more balanced approach on the application of preventive measures and the respect for the fundamental rights of persons detained.

We are involved in several international projects in radicalisation prevention in prisons and probation settings, aimed at developing, testing and mainstreaming new screening and assessment instruments, management and staff training contents, technical interventions, and policy recommendations.

Researching and developing new resources and models to create international training programmes are core elements of our work. We create b-Learning courses to prepare corrections professionals — and academics, researchers, local, regional, and governmental actors — to deal with work challenges. We also build training programmes for inmates, addressing vocational education, digital literacy, basic skills and key competencies, emotional intelligence and self-regulation, sexual education, and more.

We work with an experts’ network to approach radicalisation disengagement, and reintegration strategies focused on the Balkans. The joint effort of researchers, prison and probation staff, law enforcement agents, judicial practitioners, and public officials aims to enhance the awareness of radicalisation prevention initiatives and identify trends of extremism — and its manifestations — in this region.

We have implemented training programmes for inmates and prison staff in Portugal. These initiatives contributed to raising awareness of mental health, the importance of providing staff with professional development opportunities and the important role of  leadership development.

Our team leads country-specific projects, assisting government departments in developing and implementing correctional policies and practices. In this regard, we:

  • Have developed a framework to enhance the Bahamas’ correctional system;
  • Have supported the implementation of 3 public-private partnership projects in Brazil;
  • Are currently working on a model to strengthen the Probation services in Guyana;
  • Have designed and supported digital transformation initiatives in several states;
  • Have advised on the adoption of technology solutions;
  • Have designed policy recommendations on the reduction of pre-trial detention and the improvement of detention conditions;
  • Provided technical assistance to International Multilateral Organisations in the region.

Our mission

To promote the excellence and cost-effectiveness of justice and correctional systems by providing state-of-the-art policy advice, services and products, through collaborative action and knowledge transfer, in areas such as strategy, management, assessment, operations, ICT, health, staff training, learning and rehabilitation.

Our vision

To be the standard of excellence in policy advisory, knowledge and technology deployment in justice and correctional services.

Striving to deliver high-quality work and values

We are committed to delivering the highest quality and value in our projects, products, and services by being committed to a set of essential values, namely:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Respect for human development
  • Outstanding value to clients
  • Strength from cultural diversity

We are accountable for our interventions, accepting responsibility for them and disclosing the results of its practices transparently while respecting the confidentiality commitments agreed with our customers.

We believe that individually and as a company, we have ethical and commercial responsibilities. We are dedicated to treating others as we would expect to be treated – with honesty, equity, integrity and trustworthiness.

We foster innovation by contributing to:

  • Changes in social perceptions of the mission and role of criminal justice agencies;
  • Changes in the legal frameworks;
  • The introduction of new technology and processes;
  • The integration of external services and the cooperation with civil society organisations.

We are dedicated to:

  • Human resources development: Equipping individuals with the understanding, skills, and access to information, knowledge, and training to perform effectively.
  • Organisational development: Managing structures, procedures, and systems within the organisation and between the different organisations and sectors (public, private and community).
  • Public policy: Proposing legal and regulatory changes to enable organisations at all levels and departments to enhance their capacities.

We take advantage of the culturally diverse environment in which we operate to breed innovation and growth. We rely on diversity of thought to find innovative solutions to new societal challenges and provide services that exceed our customers’ expectations, respecting all stakeholders and valuing their differences.

We implement business excellence and a continuous improvement system to enhance our services and meet the business needs of our customers and stakeholders.

Our Quality Policy is achieved by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. We’re also mindful of business excellence principles promoted by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).