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Knowledge sharing

Sharing relevant insights, best practices and expertise with the global corrections community

The JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine features interviews with Ministers of Justice, Directors-General of prison and probation administrations and exclusive content about contemporary best practices in the Criminal Justice sector. This way, we keep the justice community informed about the latest trends and developments in executing justice globally.

Because we believe that sharing is caring, we make it possible for Criminal Justice  professionals to acquire relevant knowledge from specialised courses from various technical areas available on our online training platform: the Corrections Learning Academy.

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“João Baltasar” Best Research Award

JUSTICE TRENDS and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems recognise the merit of M.A., M.Phil., MBA and PhD. graduates or academic researchers through the attribution of an award.

The award is given to the best thesis or research paper participating in the contest.

Stories on Training and Development

Training and Development

Elevating professional pevelopment in correctional systems

A new initiative aims to transform professional training in European correctional systems by establishing Centres of Vocational Excellence to bolster the capabilities of professionals and practitioners who work in the ecosystem of corrections, enhancing their effectiveness in facilitating the successful reintegration of prisoners into society.

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Training and Development

Empowering education professionals to raise young people’s awareness of sexual violence

With the aim of providing a balanced sexual education to youths, a consortium of eight partners across Europe is developing a comprehensive set of pedagogical toolkits and a complementary training platform for professionals working with young people. These resources cover key topics for potential adaptation with students, and are envisaged to support gender-based violence awareness and prevention among youths, especially university students.

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